Thank you!

After Infinity…

Everyone at IAM would like to express their gratitude to all of you who came and made Near Infinity our most successful event to date. It has really given us tons of motivation and energy to make this an amazing festival season. Stay tuned for some big changes to the website as we get our merchandising organized and start up an online store! Revenue from this will help us with our budget during the creation phases of future events, giving us more time and resources to spend on our installations.

Metta }|{ Morphosis 2015 will be starting for the weekend at Mulberry Hill Agrarian Cooperative in Saline, MI next Friday the 29th of May. We will be there helping out and enjoying a wonderful reunion. For all of you who haven’t experienced Metta, we strongly encourage you to join this year! Check out the Facebook event as well as the Website, where you have the option to register as either an artist, volunteer, or other type of co-creator in order to participate in the event for free! Alternatively, you also have the option to make a financial contribution of $30 for the entire weekend instead :)

With Love,